Andrei Ivan Mamal graduated with distinction from the Department of Theatre at Concordia University, specializing in performance creation. His primary interest is the collaborative creation process in theatre, multicultural social topics, historical re-enactment and theories of the body and embodiment approach in making live performance. His interest in theatre and particularly at the process of acting is to look at it as something in between the immanence of the body, that is to say, a body which appears from the interior of its movement that acts on stage and the transcendence of the image, a sort of an image that is, on the contrary, exteriority – historical, social and political context, which exercises its power on the body.


He is a recent recipient of a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award (CUSRA 2020) and worked in the past two years for the PULSE team on the dramaturgical potentials of using 360° filming and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies in the design of new media performance. 


Andrei started his career in Chisinau, Moldova, where he co-founded a theatre collective called "Etajul 5". The project aims to create space for collaboration between independent theatre artists, exploring dramatic texts, documentary theatre and site-related performances. Andrei's art practices and commitment to performing art as a director, dramaturg and designer engaged him into various theatre productions, digital shows and video-audio installations. Andrei was involved in several professional productions in Moldova, Romania, Poland, Japan and Canada.




Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges • "Do you see us? The you; The I; The Other" • Montreal, Canada • April 2021

The VAV Gallery • "NO PLACEBO" • Montreal, Canada • November 2020

CURSA • Montreal, Canada • SUMMER 2020

Fringe Festival • “Peinture dans l’coir” by Ariane Janisse • La Chapelle Theatre • Montreal, Canada • June 2019

WEBSTER Library • "THINK" •  Concordia University • Montreal, Canada • April 2019



 ADC • Toronto, Canada

 IATSE Local 56 • Montreal, Canada


AQTIS • Montreal, Canada

"Digital database for QDS" by Shauna Janssen • Spatial, Lighting and Video Designer •

PULSE • Montreal, Canada • 2021

"Alice in Wasteland" by Theohari Standjofski DB Clarke Theatre • Montreal, Canada

Lighting and Video Designer & Video Editor • 2021

20- -

“Global Gaming” directed by Xinkun Dai • DB Clarke Theatre • Montreal, Canada

Video Designer • 2021

“Nora” by Henrik Ibsen • ZOOM Theatre Performance • Montreal, Canada

Lighting Designer • 2021

“The Black Box Project” by Shauna Janssen • Hexagram Black Box • Montreal, Canada

Lighting and Video Designer • 2020

“Peinture dans l’coir” by Ariane Janisse • La Chapelle Theatre • Fringe Festival • Montreal, Canada

Lighting Designer • 2019

“Chechovian” by Theohari Standjofski • Cazalet Theatre • Montreal, Canada

Assistant Lighting Designer • 2018

“Die präsidentinnen” by Werner Schwab • Hat Project • Tokyo, Japan

Set Designer • 2017


"Do You See Us; the you, the I, the other" by Masha Bashmakova WEB Theatre • Montreal, Canada

Dramaturg • 2021

"NO PLACEBO" VR Theatre Performance at THE VAV Gallery • Montreal, Canada

Director • 2020

Exploring the Good Person of Szechwan” by Bertolt Brecht • Cazalet Theatre • Montreal, Canada

Movement Director & Assistant Director • 2020

“Antigonick” by Anne Carson • Audio Performance • Montreal, Canada

Director • 2020

"THINK" video-audio installation at Webster Library, Concordia University  • Montreal, Canada

Director & Creator • 2019

“Closer” by Patrick Marber • Concordia University • Montreal, Canada

Director • 2019


PULSE, Performative Urbanism Lab for Spatial, Social, and Scenographic

Experimentation • Montreal, Canada • 2020-2021

Research-Project “New Media & VR Dramaturgy in Performance Creation”

Montreal, Canada • 2020


DFTT 325 • Costumes Design Realization • Professor Cathia Pagotto • Concordia University • Montreal, Canada • 2021

DFTT 311 • Lighting Design • Professor Anastasia Cappelluto • Concordia University • Montreal, Canada • 2021


La Chapelle Theatre • Montreal, Canada • 2020-2021

Moyse Hall Theatre • Montreal, Canada • 2019-2021

Espace Knox • Montreal, Canada • 2019-2021

D.B. Clarke Theatre • Montreal, Canada • 2018-2021

Cazalet Theatre • Montreal, Canada • 2018-2021

Parc Jean-Drapeau • Montreal, Canada • 2019

Centre Bell • Montreal, Canada • 2019

Just for Laugh • Montreal, Canada • 2019


Independent Theater "Etajul 5"  
Chisinau, Moldova • 2014