Director, Set Designer

The project aimed to look at how virtual reality (VR) technologies work to form new media performance design trajectories and the expanding scenographic potential of theatrical storytelling. The project engages with media tools to make experimental theatre and explicitly explores the uses of 360° filming and VR technologies to create performances and their presentation in virtual spaces. This output aimed to understand how to use the VR tools in making performance.

Written by Cristina Burduja

Directed by Andrei Mamal

Choreography by Tiffanie Boffa and Charles Gao


Aidan Cottreau - the body of the artist

Faiza Boukaria - Y inner voice of the artist

Cyndy Bastein - W inner voice of the artist

Charles Gao - V inner voice of the artist


Andrei Mamal - video, set and costumes

Tiffanie Boffa - lights and make-up

Andrew Bradt - sound

Charles Gao - tech support