Lighting, Video & Spacial (VR) Designer

Ryan Litvak
Faiza Boukaria
Charles Gao
Aude Vallerand

The Black Box Project is a site-specific performance work that responds to the ‘black-box’ as a major spatial and theatrical paradigm of the twentieth century. How does such a definitive form - the black box; a basic rectangular volume, with all technology in view, a space painted black - resonate now and, in particular, with regards to contemporary issues such as big data, the rise of surveillance capitalism, and with themes such as logistics and memory? This collectively created site-specific project responds to contemporary meanings associated with the black box and, within the context of the COVID19 pandemic, engages with the ‘black box’ as a prefigurative space for how we want to be in the world; as a site for mediating experiences of performing collectivity in isolation.

Performer Creators:

Faiza Boukaria 

Charles Gao

Sina Hashemi

Ryan Litvak

Sydney “Freddy” Van Camp

Aidan Cottreau & Ted Viadero

Aude Vallerand

Naomi Levy


Concept & Project Director

Shauna Janssen, Assistant Professor in Performance Creation

Spatial Design

Myriam Daphné Olivier and Andrei Mamal

Avatar, Costume, and 2D Object Design

Jonathan Stern

Sound Design and Composition

Jamie Woollard


Ariane Janisse and Brooklyn Melnyk


Amanda Gutiérrez and Shauna Janssen

Video Editing

Amanda Gutiérrez

Creative Consultants Virtual Reality and Mozilla Hubs

Amanda Gutiérrez and Matthew Gantt

Teaching Assistant

Amanda Gutiérrez

Lobby Design

Andrei Mamal

Lobby Text

Shauna Janssen